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itSMF Singapore Objectives and Initiatives for 2008
Republic Polytechnic's Diploma to fill ITSM skills gap
Knowledge Sharing Seminar - 24 June 2008
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Jun 08

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Editor's Corner

On 28th March 2008, our 4th Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held and a newly elected council was put in place. Most of the members were asking why there was another AGM when the previous AGM was held on 17 August 2007. Due to the recent change in our constitution, the Singapore Registrar of Society has mandated itSMF Singapore to organize its Annual General Meeting no later than 31st March every calendar year.

The AGM started with the opening address of our President, Umar Chandran. Umar shared his thoughts on the achievements of the out-going council. After Umar's opening address, each council member provided a short introduction and an annual report of their respective portfolios. The AGM took an interesting turn during the election of new office bearers. Due to fact that the previous AGM was held only 6 months prior to this current AGM, the members felt that the term was too short for the previous council holders and made a resolution to retain each council member on their respective portfolios. Additional council member positions were created and they were filled with new office bearers.

In this issue, each council member will share their respective mission and objective for the up-coming year. This is an exciting times ahead and we look forward to more activities by the itSMF Singapore chapter.

We welcome questions, feedback and your input. If there is anything you want to see covered in the next issue, please feel free to email to us at newsletter@itsmf.org.sg

Yours sincerely,
Cindy Ling, Ho Eu Jin & Chan Hwee Hiong


Message from the President

Hi there.
  1. How fast time flies. For those who did not attend the itSMF AGM on 28 Mar 08, here is a quick update:
    1. Most of the previous Council members were re-elected with 3 new additions, namely Linda Campbell who is leading in Events portfolio, Harold Petersen in the Intellectual Capital portfolio and Chen Bin in the Web Services portfolio. The Publications portfolio is still not filled, despite lots of coaxing for volunteers during the AGM. Meanwhile, Sushil Chatterji and JC Sekar have stepped down from their Council appointments.
    2. All the proposed constitutional changes were unanimously endorsed at the AGM. In addition, it was also agreed that the membership applications and renewals will be confirmed only upon receipt of payment of subscriptions. Also, if the subscriptions due remain unpaid for 3 months or more from the due date, all membership rights (even for renewals) will be revoked and the membership converted to "non-member" status. New applications will be required to reinstate the membership status.
    3. Following the successful itSMF Asia Summit last year, the various itSMF Chapters in the region will be centrally conducting the first ever regional survey on the adoption of ITSM and best practices within our sister itSMF organisations and countries. Our Secretary, Peter Edwards has kindly agreed to take the lead in coordinating setting up the framework for the various Chapter representatives to come together and conduct this important survey. The survey will most likely become an annual feature and will greatly contribute to the awareness of and adoption of ITSM in our regional proximities. It is also intended to provide newcomers adopting ITSM practices guidance on the first steps and issues that need to be tackled as they embark on their journey. We look towards the active participation of all in the ITSM community to participate in the survey proceedings.
    4. As informed during our Aug 07 AGM, we have partnered with Terrapin to organize our annual itSMF Singapore Annual Conferences under the itSMF Asia Summit banner. Our next annual event is in Oct O8 and were are already into the planning for this key event. Read all about it on our website.
    5. Meanwhile, following our Nov 07 annual conference, our bank balance is healthy and we are looking towards fully funding our Mini-Events so as to enable both our Vendor and User Members to come together more frequently to share and learn about ITSM best practices and activities within their environment.
  2. The Mini-Events is of great concern to itSMF Singapore. Despite our invitations to the community, there seems to be general lack of interest amongst us in wanting to come together to share and learn. Over the past few months, Linda (our Events Member), has had great difficulties getting both vendor members and the user community to offer themselves as speakers. I too have written to all Vendor Members to come forward but got only 1 (ONE) response in return.
  3. Is funding an issue? The AGM and Council have already agreed to fund the Mini-Events in full, to remove this from the equation. What then is lacking? My personal opinion is, unlike a very few of us in the community, there seems to be a general apathy to sharing. It appears that some are keen only to sell their products, but not themselves or their expertise. Others seem to be there just for the ride.
  4. Let me share with you my personal experience and my intent in joining the itSMF Singapore Chapter in 2005.
  5. As a newbie to ITSM, my task was to identify potential suitors, needs and capabilities in the market to embark on a major IT outsourcing project for my organisation. However, I was not a newbie to service management proper, having served previously in the RSAF with the Military Air Traffic Control organisation, where the demands in service management were much more stringent and in which I exacted strict standards in character, processes and professionalism.
  6. But what I saw in the IT arena was an eye-opener. Though many books have been written in the IT industry, I soon realised that these were the least read by the very people these were meant for. Most of whom I had met were only familiar with their own marketing literature, but unable to articulate anything beyond or what else the market was able to offer.
  7. The only few who had a heart for ITSM were those who were serving in itSMF Singapore Council, and most are still there since Day 1! It's through frequent engagements with them, and others who have passed through, I was slowly able to formulate the needs and requirements for my organisation, but with great difficulty. To do this I even joined the Council to understand the nuances within the itSMF organisation and where the whole ITSM direction was heading to.
  8. That said I have had the privilege of previous service management experience in which I could relate IT best practices to what I already knew.
  9. But what about the real newbies to the ITSM arena? They, most likely, would not have had previous experiences to lean on. Who then will preach, guide or show them what's available on the market and the dos and don'ts? How do they too become enlightened and go forth to push their respective organisations towards best practices and better service management in IT? Should they too again rely on the old soldiers in the Forum?
  10. No, it's from YOU - both from the Vendor and User community. We need YOU to come together and LEAD. And, we look towards YOU for your active participation in the Mini-Events.

See you soon. Here's to better Service Management.

Umar Chandran
itSMF Singapore

itSMF Singapore Chapter Council

itSMF Singapore Objectives and Initiatives for 2008
Secretary - Peter Edwards, Rama Prasad Mamidi


Ensure the efficient management of administrative and secretarial services to the Chapter, through both the Secretary and the Secretariat. Administrative services managed by the Secretariat include:

  • Publications Administration
  • Membership Administration
  • Invoicing and Financials for these 2 activities
2008 Goals
  • Manage the renewal of contracts with the Secretariat and provision of administrative services in accordance with expected service levels
  • Lead the collaboration across the Asian itSMF chapters for activities with the objective of providing better quality services to itSMF members
Initiatives Target Schedule
Revise the contract for Secretariat services, including Service Levels, and have the contract signed Jun 2008
Ensure that Secretariat has a good knowledge of administrative processes and tools. Provide required training and process documentation. Jun 2008
Facilitate the establishment of a working committee for a regional itSMF survey May 2008
Facilitate communication between the itSMF regional chapters on topics such as Events, Intellectual Capital, etc Ongoing

Treasurer - Anne Tan

  • To ensure that the financial integrity of the society is upheld
  • To ensure efficient management and control of financial services through the Secretariat
2008 Goals
  • Budgetary management is instituted and maintained
  • Liaise with the Secretariat to ensure accurate tracking and reporting of all financial transactions Governance and transparency
Initiatives Target Schedule
Review appointment of new internal auditor
Review appointment of external auditor
May 2008
Document and implement financial management processes, roles & responsibilities, including budgetary management and update operations manual May 2008
Evaluate and implement hosting option for Financial software to enable web access Jun 2008
Ensure that Secretariat is knowledgeable of financial processes and software.
More rigorous implementation of financial processes
Increased financial reporting to Council (half yearly)
Jun 2008

Event Management - Linda Campbell

  • To arrange a number of mini events throughout the financial year for the benefit of the members. In addition to speaker presentations, it will provide the opportunity for members to meet, liaise, network and learn from fellow members.
2008 Goals

3 events planned until the end of the year, with minimum of 2 speakers per event. To have an interesting agenda to entice new membership. (Ensure becoming a member is a simple process). Firm up this schedule ASAP in order to advertise in next Newsletter:

  • 24th or 27th June – War stories Venue: Room 3, Asia-Pacific Centre for Management Leadership, 100 Orchard Road #04-100 Le Meridien Hotel Singapore 238840
  • 22nd August – ITIL V3 (speaker David Wheeldon co author of V3 Service Operations book?) Venue possible HP
  • December- Creating and Supporting Service Level Agreements
Initiatives Target Schedule
Work with ie-ideas to find venue and speakers
- Venue cost for first event
Jun 2008
Establish policy and guidelines for events (speaker guidelines, fees for non-members, etc) May 2008
Produce event questionnaire asking members what they want from chapter Jun 2008

Membership - Rama Prasad Mamidi

Membership Portfolio
The Membership Committee focuses on new member recruitment and retention of existing members. It establishes goals for increasing membership and also leads and manages the chapter's annual Membership drive.

Attracting new members heavily dependent on

  • Website Content (such as Intellectual Capital, Publications, Search features, online forum etc…).
  • Free Events for members
  • Knowledge sharing sessions by vendors

  • Work with other committees to bring educational events, knowledge sharing sessions, exchange of expert views via online forum to the members. Such programs can draw bees to the honey.
    Targeting to grow the membership database by at least 10% by end of the year.
2008 Goals
  1. Stronger co-ordination between the committees.
  2. Work very closely with other committees such as:
    • Event Committee – co-ordinate with to bring useful events (mini to major). Collect the feedback from the attendees to get the best fit topic for the next event(s).
    • Intellectual Capital committee – When information such as: Services talks, Event presentations are loaded, Member committee to ensure that the message is passed to all the members and attendees via email-blasts.
    • Web Services committee – to upgrade Web site with new Search functions and ask the expert function.
  3. Targeting to grow the membership database by at least 10% by end of the year.
  4. To handover all the administrative functions to Secretariat, Such as: raising invoices, updating membership database and generating reports before the monthly council meeting.

Vice President and Publications - Eu Jin Ho

  • To develop itSMF Singapore overall publication strategy
  • To maintain and develop bookstore management including developing sales strategy and supplier management
  • To represent itSMF Singapore and actively participate in all itSMF International activities related to publication (i.e. International Publication Executive Sub-Committee (IPESC))
  • To development & manage itSMF Singapore bi-monthly newsletter
2008 Goals
  • Increase the number of title offerings in our bookstore
  • Enable online payment (this is a joint-effort with Web Services and Treasurer)
  • Enrich the bi-monthly newsletter content
  • Produce an itSMF Singapore book
Initiatives Target Schedule
Increase the number of title offerings in our bookstore Mid-May 2008
Deliver the online payment capability (from Web Services) End Jun 2008
Enrich the bi-monthly newsletter content May 2008 onwards
Ensure there is a successor for Publication Committee Rolling Date
Undertake a feasibility study for production of an itSMF Singapore book (goal is to produce a book by Dec 2008) Jun 2008

Web Services - Chen Bin

  • To enhance the visibility and best present itSMF-sg and its efforts on promoting ITSM best practices on the Wed by delivering and maintaining the Web services capabilities and resources.
2008 Goals
  • Deliver the Web service for supporting the Intellectual Capital
  • Deliver the online payment function for the publications
  • Deliver the online survey function for the Asia ITIL Adoption Survey
  • Investigating setting up the search engine
  • Investigate hosting the financial application package on the website
  • Improve the availability performance
  • Web site maintenance:
    • Create the new page for the Executive Council
    • Update Auto-forwards for the email accounts
    • Create virtual email addresses as defined
Initiatives Target Schedule
Re-structure the data directory for the I.C. ( input from Intellectual Capital ) Mid-May 2008
Investigate feasibility of setting blog and forum for the I.C. KIV
Investigate feasibility of online payment capability May 2008
Setup the online survey function End Aug 2008
Setup the search engine Pipeline
Improve the availability performance End May 2008
Website maintenance End Apr 2008
Investigate hosting the financial applications End Jul 2008

Intellectual Capital - Harold Petersen

  • To propagate the knowledge of IT Service Management to Industry and encourage the adoption of best practices for the collective benefit of community.
  • itSMF Singapore to be considered as a treasure house of knowledge for all matters relating to IT Service Management.
  • itSMF Singapore to be considered as first stop to find further sources of expert knowledge for all matters relating to IT Service Management.
2008 Goals
  • Establish people, processes, tools for the collection, management and sharing of Intellectual Capital and ITSM knowledge / experiences / expertise
  • Collect a base collection of Intellectual Capital
  • Create awareness about the ICM capability and member services offering, resulting in ongoing flow of Intellectual Capital supply and measurable demand for itSMF Intellectual Capital
  • Legal review that information collected and hosted is in complete compliance to legal / regulatory requirements. Further, the review needs to confirm that we are in no way infringing on the intellectual property rights of the contributors.
  • Establishing a knowledge sharing repository within the itSMF Singapore website incorporating White Papers and other invited articles (main initiative: set up the IC structure and introductory texts).
  • Collect white papers from vendors and non vendors making the service available to members and market to membership
  • Setting up a discussion forum within the itSMF website on topics related to IT Service Management and market the availability of the service, aiming to be live some time before conference
  • Search engine (Proposed)
    In any case, the action is to:
    - Establish a structure of relevant key words, for this to be designed & QA'd
    - Label all IC documents with the right key words and include this laballing in procedure for colection of new IC
  • Ask the expert service (Proposed) (emails to an itSMF expert mailbox, to be supported (voluntary) by members………this is an idea from previous IC plans. There are risks with the availability of experts and also potentially conflicts of interest in case experts are vendors
  • IC related itSMF marketing collateral drafts prior to annual conference

Feature Article

Republic Polytechnic's Diploma to fill ITSM skills gap

In today's complex business environments, organisations that actively leverage the use of IT encounter a multitude of challenges and are frequently confronted with the following questions:

  • How can businesses improve the quality of services that are provided to their users through their service desk?
  • How should a service provider respond to a crisis situation at their client's IT environment?
  • Can IT initiatives be aligned so that the benefits that are reaped from these investments are more measurable?

In addition, the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore annual survey on infocomm manpower in 2006 indicated that IT Services have one of the highest compound annual growth rates (CAGR) in Singapore - 6.8% in 2007 – 2008. The survey also shows an expectation for IT Services to make up the second largest segment of infocomm manpower in Singapore.

Republic Polytechnic's (RP) School of Infocomm Technology recognises and aims to address these issues through its graduates; it recently launched the Diploma in IT Service Management (DSM) programme together with partners, BMC Software and NCS Pte. Ltd.

This diploma is specially designed to develop students into IT professionals who are equipped with a combination of skills and knowledge in both Information Technology and IT Service Management (ITSM). Besides being technically savvy, students will acquire a blend of skills in both customer and process management based on global best practices such as ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library).

Delivered through RP's unique Problem-Based Learning pedagogy, the diploma extensively uses real-world scenarios to have its students directly experience how IT can be continually managed and coordinated to provide quality services to businesses. For example, students are placed in different support roles and presented with situations that require them to analyse and respond in a professional manner based on good practices prevalent within the industry and emphasized within ITIL.

The first cohort of students will be graduating in March 2009.

For more information on the diploma, please visit: http://www.rp.sg/courses/ict/dsm/index.asp or contact Chin Hong at goh_chin_hong@rp.sg

Upcoming Event

Knowledge Sharing Seminar - 24 June 2008
The itSMF Singapore are delighted to invite you to our Knowledge Sharing Seminar. Come along and listen to personal experiences of implementing various aspects of Sevice Management. Network with like-minded people, pick up hints and tips from the presenters. Take the opportunity to air your questions at the question and answer session.


Welcome Address
Presentation: How will a Service 'Model' help the real people?
Delivered by David Llewellyn Jones, Senior Consultant, Lucid IT Pte Ltd

In this presentation, David will discuss a misalignment between customer requirements and service delivery performance. This is also a problem for many internal service providers. The main part of the presentation will be based on a real life Service Model that was used to provide education and guidance.David will describe the analysis steps required to ultimately align current services to multiple customer requirements; both perceived and contractual and thence guidance for engagement with future customers.
Presentation: Implementing IT Service Management by an IT Managed Services Provider
Delivered by Paul Han Tau Kwang, Country Manager, Quint Wellington Redwood Singapore

Outsourcers reap tremendous scale advantages through the standardization of their people, processes and technologies. Thus, the provider that best achieves standardization flexes significant muscle in the marketplace.In a previous role as an internal consultant within a managed services provider, Paul led an IT Service Management program to standardize practices across a diverse range of customer delivery teams. This diversity defied a cookie-cutter implementation approach and challenged the implementation team to develop creative solutions. Paul will be discussing the challenges his team faced and will also be highlighting the various implementation potholes that attendees should steer clear of.
Question and Answer Session

Light Refreshments will be available at the end of the seminar.

Where: Asia-Pacific Centre for Management Leadership Pte Ltd
100 Orchard Road #04-100
Le Meridien Hotel
Singapore 238840

Time: 6.30pm - 8.30pm
Registration will start at 6.00pm

Members' Resources

Useful Resources Available on www.itsmf.org.sg
Here's a list of useful resources that have been uploaded to the members' area on www.itsmf.org.sg recently. Log on to the website for more intellectual capital. If you have any resources to share, we welcome your contributions to Intelcap@itsmf.org.sg

Category: General / Implementation
· Mercury ITIL Foundation: Mapping ITIL To The Real World
· Ten Steps to Modifying User Behavior and Reducing IT Costs

Category: Service Delivery
· ITIL - The Business Perspective

Category: Service Support
· Problem Management Key Best Practices
· What is Problem Management and how to Implement

Category: Speakers' Notes and Presentations
· Configuration and Asset Management - by IBM and BMC

Category: Intellectual Capital
· Service Level Management - Building a Service Level Agreement in the Data Center
· Service Level Management - The Future of Service Level Management
· Service Level Management - Implementing Service Level Management
· ITSM - Understanding Business Service Management

Category: Service Talk Magazine
· Service Talk Apr 2008 Issue

Category: More Case Studies and White Papers
· Requirements to Consider When Looking at ITSM Tools
· Using Network Behavior Analysis (NBA) and Service Asset and Configuration Management (SACM) to Improve Management Information
· Enable IT to deliver services to the business more efficiently. Help meet business service demands while minimizing costs.
· Service Desk/ Helpdesk Metrics and Reporting : Getting Started
· Six Sigma and ITIL and how they compliment each other
· Six Sigma and Change Management
· Implementing ITIL Using the PMBOK Guide in Four Repeatable Steps

Category: itSMF Asia Summit 2007 (various presentations from the Summit)

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