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Intellectual Capital (IC) is very important to itSMF and its membership. We depend on itSMF members and associates who submit IC, so we can make it available to our membership.

It is in itSMF's and our membership's best interest to
a) Prevent the misappropriation or unauthorized disclosure of such information.
b) Ensure that the IC is easily accessible by storing it in the appropriate filing structure and assigning the right key words to facilitate searches.

Each IC item in the member area of itSMF is stored in a logical category within the filing structure and also contains a number of keywords. The keywords comprise filing categories where the document is stored, as well as other categories that the document may pertain to as well. For example, a set of presentation slides may be stored under '2007 itSMF Asia summit', yet it may also have assigned keywords, like SLM, SLA, so the document can be found by key words from several angles.

This document provides an overview of the IC area for members and IC search facility.

Search keywords:

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