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2016 Events Highlights

Seminar Event - "An end-to-end problem solving approach for Incident and Problem Management... and how DevOps might change the game"

20th September 2016


The guest speaker, Mr Christoph Goldenstern shared about the "pressure cooker" in IT Operations, and how it is related to (Major) Incident and Problem Management. He also touched on the value of consistent, quality troubleshooting and discusses the new IT paradigm of 'DevOps', its objectives, what it means to an ITIL-based operation and how this could change the ways in which functions like Incident and Problem Management are operated today. With his experience, expertise and insights, participants were able to learn and gained new knowledge and updates on some of the industry best practices. His presentation slides are available for download from the itSMF website.

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Seminar Event - "Innovation in IT Service Management by Chance or Design"

25th August 2016


The itSMF Singapore Chapter event "Innovation in IT Service Management by Chance or Design " with our guest speaker Ms Seema Sutradhar was well attended by members as well as guests from the industry. Seema shared some distinction regarding Imagination to think of future, Creativity to share your ideas and with Collaboration it will lead to Innovation.

The interactive demo was welcome as it encourage the participants to share and interact with each other.

Members & Sponsors Night Event - Wine-Tasting & Appreciation

15th July 2016


We had an enjoyable and successful evening with our first event of the year, the wine-tasting & appreciation night on 15July2016 at Club Meatballs. Our members and guests were given a treat to taste some of the best wines from France and learning more about wine appreciation.

Feedback from the event showed it was definitely one of the more popular event organised, especially with the opportunity to network and interact with one another while sipping fine wine.

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Annual Conference - ITSM Leadership Congress 2016 "Innovation and Transformation"

22nd April 2016


The itSMF Singapore Chapter concluded their annual conference ITSM Leadership Congress 2016 on 22 nd April 2016. The one-day conference is yet another successful event with many positive reviews from the attendees. The attendees enjoyed the programme of the day with excellent delivery of the topics by the line-up of speakers. Especially so for the panel discussion segment where we saw great interaction and engagement between the attendees and the panellist speakers.

The Chapter's Executive Council would like to take this opportunity to thank all the sponsors, partner associations, members and attendees for their strong support. We are looking forward to the next ITSM conference in 2017. Stay-tuned and follow us on our social channels for updates.

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2015 Events Highlights

Seminar on "Finding Out What's Wrong By Looking At What's Not"

16th November 2015


This seminar exposes you to the Kepner-Tregoe (KT) root-cause analysis method, which has been dubbed by many organizations as the best practice for problem management and root cause analysis. The KT method is a highly structured process for gathering and analysing the data needed to find the correct root cause of the problem. Kepner Tregoe Problem Analysis is an Appendix in the ITIL Problem Management section of the v2 and v3 books.


Our speaker, Alaric Tan, took everyone on a journey that practically demonstrated how to solve problems using process. Everyone had an opportunity to solve a real world problem and seeing how the KT technique increases productivity and effectiveness when finding Root Cause. Once the cause had been found, the presentation showed differing methods to prove it was indeed the cause.

Feedback from the event showed it was definitely one of the more popular and valuable presentations of the year, with spirited Networking continuing for some time after the presentation had ended.

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Seminar on "Zero Incidents Framework"

28th September 2015


The framework strives towards achieving a sustained '0' incidents IT environment. This ambitious value proposition is achieved via a combination of our 3 unique approaches:
1. Root Cause Analysis approach
2. Specific and relevant integration of architecture, service management and knowledge management
3. Practical enforcement of critical success factors


Whilst the haze was bad and the weather even harsher, the opportunity to learn more about decreasing Incidents in the workplace was too inviting for our attendees to miss out.

As usual a sumptuous buffet dinner was enjoyed during the pre-speaker Network session. Mr. Navneet ran a spirited workshop for attendees and then outlined the Zero Incident Framework, where it is in use, how it provides rapid and lasting results and left the audience thinking how to best apply the framework in their workplace.

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Seminar on "Data Analytics for ITIL"

29th July 2015


Data Analytics (also known as Data Science) is a new emerging field that is generating a lot of interest and excitement in the marketplace about how it helps businesses make better, more informed decisions.

However, it doesn't seem to be anything new to IT at all; we have been doing analytics since forever. Is it really different? Since businesses benefit from using it, can IT benefit too? How?


A strong crowd of members and non-Members gathered at the SMU venue to hear Mr Alvin Goh deliver his presentation of "Data Analytics for ITIL", showcasing the emergence of Data Analytics application into the ITIL field.

Following the presentation was a robust discussion on what was being experienced among attendees at their workplace when engaging with their Data Analytics teams and how to overcome some of the obstacles.

There was some good Networking both before the presentation (and enjoyment of a buffet dinner) and also after the presentation when the overcoming of obstacles was further progressed!

A good night was had by all as evidenced by the Event photos.

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Seminar on "Expect the Unexpected - Managing Complex Changes"

28th May 2015


IT change can introduce vulnerabilities, regulatory compliance issues and even bring the business to a halt. With more than half of IT outages attributed to unmanaged or unauthorized change, now more than ever you need the ability to plan for and implement change in a secure, efficient and effective manner.

There are many lost opportunities to corporate due to this inability to deliver a successful change.

Let's discuss how we mitigate this, how we get ready to expect the unexpected.


A good attendance was had at the May Event to watch Mr Rama Prasad deliver his presentation on Complex Change and how best to avoid the pitfalls that befall so many Organisations.

A telling point was when the attendees broke out into smaller groups to discuss they had witnessed and then related the scariest back to the whole meeting. Yes, failures are still happening at an alarming rate.

More than a couple of attendees will be taking Rama's lessons back to their workplace.

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Annual Conference for 2015 - "ITSM Leadership Congress"


Every year itSMF Singapore hosts an annual event to share innovative approaches to implementing and adopting IT Service Management. Every year additional knowledge is added to the field. This is because industry leaders like YOU come and participate at this annual event.

At this event, you will have the unique opportunity to learn, network, and interact with experienced I.T. professionals. You will also have the opportunity to see some of the industry leading I.T. technology. These solutions will help you navigate through your IT Service Management journey.


Were you in attendance at the Annual Conference held on Friday the 13th of March to hear industry leading speakers and network with other ITSM professionals in the Industry?

Did you attend the Members night after the Annual Conference, also held at Marina Bay Sands and take advantage of the cocktail party style evening with presentations and further Networking with our sponsors and presenters?

If you were there, or want to know what you missed and why you should attend the up-coming ITSM Leadership Congress in April 2016, please view the spread of photos from the events!

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