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What is the itSMF?

The IT Service Management Forum (itSMF) is the only truly independent and internationally-recognised forum for IT Service Management (ITSM) professionals worldwide. This not-for-profit organisation is a prominent player in the on-going development and promotion of IT Service Management "best practice", standards and qualifications. Globally, the itSMF now boasts over 6000 member companies, blue chip and public sector alike, covering in excess of 40,000 individuals spread over 50+ Chapters.

The itSMF provides an accessible network of industry experts, information sources and events to help you and your staff address IT service management issues and help you achieve the delivery of high quality, consistent IT service internally and externally through the adoption of "best practice".

itSMF Singapore Chapter (http://www.itsmf.org.sg) was formed in order to develop and promote industry best practice in Singapore. The itSMF provides an accessible network of industry experts,information sources and events to help you and your organisation address IT service management issues and to assist you in achieving the delivery of high quality, consistent and cost effective IT services both internally and externally through adoption of Best Practices.

What are our aims?

  • To encourage the establishment, development and use of industry best practice in ITSM in Singapore
  • To facilitate the exchange of information and sharing of knowledge of all persons who have an interest in ITSM, including organizations implementing ITSM programs, vendors providing ITSM products or services, and students;
  • To promote professional development and education of persons engaged in ITSM;
  • To publish and disseminate such information and knowledge as will be of service to members;
  • To act as liaison with other IT societies that have related interests and goals;
  • To undertake member's meetings, conferences, seminars, workshops and exhibitions, to support the attainment of the above objectives.
  • To be recognised by the Government, the IT industry and end-user organisations as the premier, independent and representative body for IT Service Management (ITSM) in Singapore;

What services do we provide to our members?

  • Knowledge sharing events where industry experts and fellow practitioners share experiences around an ITSM theme,
  • Annual conference, bringing together regional and global experts and senior IT Managers
  • Web site providing access to ITSM Intellectual Capital, including conference papers, white papers, case studies, business cases, process models and examples
  • Sale of ITSM and related books and publications at reduced fees
  • Publication of newsletters, sharing local, regional and global developments, case studies and news
  • Promotion of regional ITSM survey reports
  • Access to global ITSM e-symposia

Who are our members?

Approximately 80% of itSMF's global membership represents organizations striving to implement and sustain high quality IT Service Management solutions, with the remainder being organizations providing products and services to assist in those endeavours. Organisations range from large multi-nationals through small and medium local enterprises to individual consultants and cover both the public and private sectors.

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Be a Volunteer

itSMF also invites IT Service Management professionals to contact us if you are interested to serve the ITSM community as a national council member or just helping out with our events and activities. For any queries, please contact us by email at enquiries@itsmf.org.sg.

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