itSMF Singapore Newsletter - May 2012


From the Editor's Desk

Welcome to the May edition of the itSMF Singapore Newsletter.

The itSMF Singapore chapter is committed to provide you, our members with resources to facilitate your ITSM journey.  These resources can take the form of publications, updates and developments, events, intellectual capital, etc, which we constantly look to enhance as a way of providing value to our members.  One of the initiatives underway this year is to embark into Marketing and Outreach Portfolio that includes reaching out to Corporate, Universities and Societies to improve knowledge sharing among different domains.  We are also planning to have several other initiatives such as: "Project of the Year", "Volunteer of the year", Survey. The results of these will be shared with you all in the coming year as and when they are launched. In this note, we invite your contributions by sharing your insights, implementation experiences, case studies, etc.   As this newsletter is for you, we welcome your invaluable feedback, suggestions, inputs on subjects you would like covered.  Do write to us at, we'd love to hear from you.     

Anne Tan,

Council Member, Membership and Communications Portfolio


itSMF Singapore 2012 Council

Meet the Council members who were elected at the 8th Annual General Meeting held on 29 March 2012 at:

Rama Prasad Mamidi was elected as President for this year.   


A word from the President:

itSMF Singapore aims to provide members with relevant and useful information that will assist them to provide effective and quality IT services to their customers based on accepted Best Practice Service Management frameworks.

This year we will see a number of interesting initiatives from our chapter. We changed the constitution (subjected to ROS approval) by adding two new council members to a new initiative Marketing and Outreach Portfolio. Another council member has been added to support Events as a Co-Chair to the Events Portfolio Director.

The President conducted the first Council meeting on April 20 2012.  Council Members presented goals for their respective portfolios with the objective of providing value to members. The key objectives and goals from the council are stated below.


        From the desk of Publications and Intellectual Capital Portfolio:

o        Bring more titles at very competitive rates and special discounts to members

o        Work with various sources to increase our Intellectual Capital

o        A new initiative to use Social Media to discuss hot topics in IT Service Management.

        From the desk of Outreach and Marketing Portfolio:

o        Work with various vendors and training providers and bring wide range of courses at a discounted price for members and bring more sponsorship for our annual events.

o        Establish sponsored "Project of the year", "Volunteer of the year" programs.

o        Work with Corporates to bring an event exclusively for CIOs - CIO breakfast meet. This meeting aims to discuss on current need of Service Management in Singapore and Asia Pac and the opportunities.

        From the desk of Events Portfolio:

o        Bring a wide range of programs that includes Professional Development, case studies and many more from elite speakers.

o        Looking at the past trend and feedback, it has been decided to have an event every third Thursday of the month. (Exception: unless it is a public holiday or unless speaker is unavailable. The date will be changed and informed accordingly).

Lock your calendar with these dates!

o        Annual Event will be a 2 day conference with 1st day a regular conference with speakers from various industries across Asia Pac. 2nd day will be a workshop organized by Principal Sponsor.

        From the desk of Web Services Portfolio:

o        Traditionally, web services seen as a supporting portfolio. But with the increased Social media penetration in the entire world, Web services team will bring to you a variety services, such as:

         Discussion Forums

         Requesting Feedback for every event

         Publishing results such as "Project of the Year", Survey etc. ...

        From the desk of Membership and Communication Portfolio:

o        For the first time our team is embarking on programs like: Member-get-Member, "bring along-a-Guest"

o        A Newsletter with puzzles, surprize gifts, event updates etc. will be sent on 10th of every month.

         A members' networking night end of the calendar year

         A social event "Give back to society" to work with another non-profit-organizations. Implementation of Social Networking through the itSMF Singapore web-site, to improve communication with members

Further information about the goals of the Council for 2012 is available upon request.


Words of Wisdom from the Past President:

Peter Edwards, our Past President ,  is one of the founding members of itSMF Singapore who has been with the Chapter since its inception.  Peter continues to play an advisory role in the Chapter.  He shares invaluable insights on the ITSM landscape and we look forward to his advice moving forward.

IT Service Management has traditionally centered around services that are provided from the corporate data center. The key measurements have been related to the availability and performance of enterprise systems, and how the IT department responds to the incidents and requests, and implements change.

However, with the increasing use of Cloud and mobile devices, IT services are rapidly evolving into services that are more distributed than ever, and requiring change to be implemented faster than ever. A new cloud environment can be created and deployed in minutes, but it can take days to get the Change Request approved. Mobile devices have the capability of providing corporate data "any time, anywhere", but IT departments are often unsure how to manage the security of those devices, and are therefore reluctant to allow their usage.

In addition, governments are progressively implementing regulatory requirements around energy usage for facilities. It would be a logical extension to expect that eventually IT departments will be required to manage and report energy usage far more stringently than today. I think it is conceivable that one day IT departments will have to report energy usage by IT service, in the same way that we currently report performance and availability against SLAs.

All of these directions are placing increasing challenges on how organizations govern the IT environment, and I believe that there is a perception that the IT Service Management frameworks are not keeping up with changes in the industry. It is no longer good enough to ensure that standard IT processes are documented - IT is expected to be highly responsive to business needs, and I believe that the Service Management frameworks must rapidly transform to meet these needs.

I look forward to increasing dialogue amongst the Service Management community in Singapore about these topics,

Peter Edwards

Past President, itSMF Singapore


itSMF International - Whitepaper Submission of the Year (2012) Competition

itSMF International has announced the International Whitepaper Submission of the Year competition for 2012.

itSMF Chapters are invited to submit up to 3 papers for consideration from local members for consideration for the International award.

Submissions must be from "members in good standing" from a local chapter and must be assessed by a local judging panel before being submitted for the International contest.

Papers must be submitted in Word format. And should be accompanied by a brief biography of the writer.

Papers must be received by the Chief Editor ( no later than August 31, 2012.  The winner will be announced on October 29, 2012.

Details of the Competition:

Please contact for enquiries.


Upcoming Event

 Process & Project Implementations


17 May 2012


06:30 PM to 09:00 PM


IBM Parkview Square 600 North Bridge Rd, Parkview Square #16-01 188778 Singapore Venue: Cobalt Room



For enquiries, please contact

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