itSMF Singapore Newsletter - October 2011


From the Editor's Desk.

Welcome to the October edition of the itSMF Singapore Newsletter!

Since the last newsletter in July, we have been working diligently to deliver on our commitment to increase value to members.   For starters, we have done an exercise to review and revise the pricing model of our publications services.  This is the start of several initiatives to be refined overtime in the hope that the itSMF online book store will be your first port of call for ITSM related publications.  I also mentioned our hope to work synergistically with the other itSMF Chapters with the intent to improve knowledge sharing and enhance our repository of intellectual Capital.  itSMF Australia recently conducted their national conference in August; we have obtained itSMF Australia's consent to share some of the collaterals to this highly successful conference. The materials will be available in the members section, courtesy of itSMF Australia.  Efforts in this area will be on going.  However for sharing to be meaningful, I continue to encourage your contributions, feedback on potential topics/ improvements to the newsletter and use the itSMF Chapter as a platform to network, collaborate and enhance your ITSM journey.

Anne Tan, Council Member, Intellectual Capital and Publications Services




Harold Petersen, Honorary Treasurer of itSMF Singapore Chapter has been elected as Director to the itSMF International Executive Board.  The itSMF International Executive Board is the separate International entity that provides an overall steering and support function to existing and emerging chapters.  itSMF Singapore is one of the 50+ chapters globally.


A veteran in IT Service Management, Harold is the first to be elected to the itSMF International Executive Board in ASEAN.  Do approach any one of the itSMF Singapore Council members if you have thoughts about potential areas of support from itSMF International.  We wish Harold well in his new role.  I am sure he will do a great job representing the interests of the smaller, international community in his capacity at the International Executive Board.

Harold is a regular speaker at events such as itSMF, ISACA, PMI, PM Asia and has written a number of whitepapers.  The following articles on ITIL 2011 are contributions from Harold in his current capacity as Director and Principal Consultant of Lucid IT Pte Ltd.


ITIL 2011

Visit: for a high level perspective of:

         ITIL 2011 versus ITIL V3 - the reasons and impact

         ITIL 2011 versus ITIL V3 - General enhancements

         Highlights of changes in each of the 5 core ITIL publications (Service Strategy, Service Design, Service Transition, Service Operations and Continual Service Improvement)





We are delivering on our commitment for improvements in the area of publications. As first instalment, we are pleased to announce a revision in pricing structure of some of the more popular items.  Please visit our bookstore now to take advantage of potential savings of up to 40%: 


Check out these offers, for limited period only, whilst stocks last!


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Above items are available ex-stock.   Please contact the itSMF Secretariat, Crystal Tan at +65 6377 6630 or email for immediate delivery.



The premier itSMF Australia LEADit 2011 National Conference was conducted in Perth, Western Australia from August 17-19th, supported by a day of training/workshops on August 16th. With the theme of "Mine Information, Engineer the Future" the aim was to tap into the resource rich business and trade of Western Australia to provide expert interactive sessions, and industry case studies involving local businesses and customers from various industry sectors.


As part of our initiative to improve collaboration and knowledge sharing, we have obtained itSMF Australia's consent to make some of the collaterals available to itSMF Singapore Chapter members.  The materials are currently uploaded to the Intellectual Property section of the itSMF Singapore Chapter website, accessible exclusively to members.  An overview of the various program streams is included to provide a feel of what was covered at the conference:

1. Exploration & Discovery - Service Management 101 (Beginner) - includes workshops that will help delegates understand the terminology, concepts and principles of the ITIL Service Management framework and provide insight into the processes and functions to successfully navigate the Service Management lifecycle.

2. Digging Deeper - Process, Pitfalls & Tips (Practitioner) - This stream is aimed at ITSM practitioners; delegates explore and examine case studies, share experiences and discuss lessons learned with industry experts providing practical hints on what worked and what didn't.

3. Protecting Your Investment - Governance & Security (Specialist
/ CIO) - This stream defines the business value created for organisations through the effective implementation of standards and best practice frameworks around the use of information management and technology.

4. Leading People - Recruit, Manage & Motivate (Staff Manager / CIO) - Drilling down into the People aspect of business, this stream will help managers at all levels recruit and retain the right resources for the right roles,  recognise the potential of their people and understand the contribution they make to the success and future growth of the organisation.

5. Mining Information - Performance & Metrics (Analyst / Manager / CIO) - It is important to ensure that the IT services supporting business processes are continually realigned to their ever-changing needs. This stream discusses the critical importance of knowing what to measure, why to measure and how to apply the information to improve process and service effectiveness and efficiency, thereby demonstrating the value of IT to the business.

6. Engineer the Future - Architecture & Innovation (Innovator / CIO / CEO) - This stream focuses on new technologies, issues and processes on the horizon and their impact on organisations from an ITSM perspective, what Service Managers need to consider to manage new ideas, how to maximize return and how to leverage information to build the future.





itSMF Singapore is looking forward to linkup and engage with members through the social media platforms. By leveraging the features of the social medias, itSMF Singapore will be able to engage with her members anytime, anywhere with low cost (which is important for a non-profit organization like itSMF Singapore).
What this means to the members is they will be notified of the itSMF Singapore events through their favourite social media platform (e.g. facebook) anytime, anywhere. This is to complement the events news the members will be receiving through email blast (as some members reported that they have problems in their email account). Besides that, what the members will be getting are:
1. IT Service Management professionals to exchange ideas/ opinions through a common platform
2. To receive information on latest ITSM related course promotion (TBC),
3. To receive information on job opportunity (TBC)
Please make sure you have your social media account joining the below itSMF Singapore social media account as one of your today "To-Do" list activities. Or you may click on icons created on the top right corner of the itSMF Singapore website main page (

Do you have any feedback on what you would like to see on the itSMF Singapore social media platform? We would like to invite comments and feedback to be sent to
Thanks to Toh Wee Keong Council Member of Web Services for this article. 


Sometime in early 2011, itSMF Singapore Chapter invited Dr. Suzanne D. Van Hove (priSM Global Program Manager) to join us during our Annual General Meeting to share with us the interesting insights of priSM.
Although the target date of the priSM wave to hit AP region is before the end of 2011, some members have seen the benefits of the priSM and have already applied for the priSM credential through the Americas Regional priSM Institute. The numbers of the priSM Credential holders are increasing.

As we move forward here in Singapore with improving member services, the itSMF Singapore Chapter would like to welcome feedback/ suggestion from both employers and individuals as to where you see the value of priSM. Your level of interest will help us to push forward priSM program in Singapore.
We would like to invite comments and feedback to be sent to

For information on priSM, members can visit the following websites:

Thanks to Toh Wee Keong itSMF Singapore Chapter representative to priSM for this article. 



If you missed our events on July 12th, August 15th, September 19th and October 19th, the presentation materials are available on (members section).