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Welcome to the July edition of the itSMF Singapore Newsletter.

The itSMF Singapore chapter is committed to provide you, our members with resources to facilitate your ITSM journey.  These resources can take the form of publications, updates and developments, events, intellectual capital, etc, which we constantly look to enhance as a way of providing value to our members.  One of the initiatives underway is a revisit of the strategy for our online bookstore, including a review of the current pricing structure.  It is hoped that members will use the itSMF Singapore Chapter's bookstore as their source of choice for procurement of publications.   We are also hoping to work synergistically with the other itSMF Chapters on initiatives to improve knowledge sharing within the global community.  To the end we invite your contributions by sharing your insights, implementation experiences, case studies, etc.   As this newsletter is for you, we invite your invaluable feedback, suggestions, inputs on subjects you would like covered.  Do write to us at, we'd love to her form you.     

Anne Tan,

Council Member, Intellectual Capital & Publications Services

itSMF Singapore 2011 Council

Meet the Council members who were elected at the 7th Annual General Meeting held on March 29 2011 at:

Peter Edwards was returned as President for the third consecutive year.   

A word from the President:

itSMF Singapore aims to provide members with relevant and useful information that will assist them to provide effective and quality IT services to their customers based on accepted Service Management frameworks.

This year we will see a number of interesting developments in the global IT Service Management industry. Two of the most important evolutions that we will see this year are:

·         Introduction of priSM - a new professional accreditation for service management professionals. There have been many concerns about the value of the current service management certifications as the only source of professional certification for the industry. This is being addressed by the new professional accreditation - more information is contained in this newsletter, and is available on our web-site

·         Release of the ITIL v3 "Refresh". There has been a recognition that the current version of ITIL contains a number of  ambiguities, so the Refresh project is aimed at addressing those issues

These two changes will be important in the evolution of the IT Service Management industry globally, and itSMF will aim to bring you information about these changes as they become available over the next year. 

The President conducted the first Council meeting on April 5 2011.  Council Members presented goals for their respective portfolios with the objective of providing value to members. Three key objectives for the Council for the next year are:

·         Implementation of priSM in Singapore

·         Implementation of Social Networking through the itSMF Singapore web-site, to improve communication with members

·         Conduct regular member's events and an annual conference. These events will be delivered as both itSMF events, and through collaboration with SPMI and ISACA, as agreed on our MoUs with those societies. This collaboration with other societies will provide itSMF members with a wider variety and more frequent events

Further information about the goals of the Council for 2011 is available upon request.


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April 2011 edition of "At Your Service"


Great read from itSMF International, available at:


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 Update on priSM (Professional Recognition in Service Management)

Visit  for more information.

What is priSM?

priSM is a comprehensive program for professional recognition and development in the ITSM industry. The program defines a measurable framework based an individual's existing experience, certifications, and industry contributions. priSM provides a structured path for continuing professional growth while maintaining a registry for professionals to track their continued good standing.

What will priSM do for me?

At the basic level, priSM will help you define your career path and increase your earning potential as an ITSM professional. As you progress through your IT Service Management (ITSM) career, priSM provides a structure and path for development; it provides validation of your knowledge, skills, and abilities; and it presents an opportunity to advance the state of the profession in collaboration with your peers.

Why is the itSMF offering a professional credential program in IT Service Management?

itSMF is a not-for-profit, vendor-neutral and an authoritative source for advancing ITSM best practices, and is committed to providing its members opportunities for networking, education and knowledge sharing. As an organization dedicated to building the ITSM industry, the itSMF can now ensure that its members are formally recognized and rewarded for their growth and professional achievements.

What are the priSM credential levels?

·         Student in Service Management (SSM)CM is for students with an interest in ITSM

·         Associate in Service Management (ASM)CM is for entry-level professionals

·         Professional in Service Management (PSM)CM is for mid-level, experienced Service Management professionals

·         Distinguished Professional in Service Management (DPSM)CM is for senior, well-experienced Service Management professionals and leaders

·         Fellow in Service Management (FSM)CM is reserved for those senior professionals who have been recognized for making a significant contribution to the profession and its body of knowledge

Who administers the credentialing program?

To ensure separation from itSMF and maintain the integrity of the priSM program, the actual validation and granting of credentials are administered by The priSM Institute ("The Institute"), a wholly owned subsidiary of itSMF International and governed by their own Board of Directors. Currently, two of the three Regional Institutes are operational - the Americas and most recently, EMEA. The Asia Pacific Regional Institute is scheduled to 'go live' in Q3 of 2011. All applications from the Asia Pacific region will be managed via the Americas Regional priSM Institute.

Visit for more information (e.g., priSM Handbook, applications, etc...)

When will companies look to the priSM credential to rate professional ITSM talent?

Remember when we had all those folks with networking certifications running around to setup networks and most of them had no hands on experience? Did you want someone with a certification but no real experience designing and rolling out your corporate network?

priSM addresses this gap by verifying both real world experience, education and industry contributions. Individuals who hold the priSM credential will stand out as an ITSM professional because they possess industry recognized certifications (e.g., ITILŪ, ISACA, PMI/Prince2, Six Sigma, etc...) and demonstrateable practical experience. We anticipate that organizations will embrace this credential once they understand the difference between someone with only an ITSM-related certification and someone with an ITSM-related certification and verified, real world experience using those skills - the priSM credential!

Interested in priSM? Do not hesitate, act now! For any enquiry, please forward them to


ITIL Version 3 Update

ITIL underwent a major refresh in 2005 and V3 was launched in June 2007. OGC has established a cyclical program to update its core ITIL guidance which takes into account the latest developments in best practice in IT service management. Between the refresh projects, the ITIL guidance is regularly reviewed for fitness for purpose and is updated in controlled releases.

With the latest Version 3 update, no new concepts or practices will be introduced, and no existing ones will be abandoned. Where new content is introduced, it will be for completeness, to redress an imbalance in the level of detail, or as part of restructuring for consistency. 

For full details please download the document:

Upcoming events:

We had a great event on 12 July on the subject of Problem Management Best Practices for Improved IT Service Management, presented by Matt Fourie of "Kepner and Fourie". To download the presentation go to

Our next event will be in August, and will look at Learning Enterprise on ITSM. This session aims to share practical real life best practices on using the concept of a learning enterprise to impart ITSM methodologies. Click here to register for our August event.