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itSMF Singapore Newsletter - May 2013
Posted: 15 May 2013

itSMF Singapore Chapter -May 2013 Newsletter

From the Editor's Desk

Welcome to the May edition of the itSMF Singapore Newsletter. 

The itSMF Singapore chapter is committed to provide you, our members with resources to facilitate your ITSM journey. These resources can take the form of publications, updates and developments, events, intellectual capital, etc, which we constantly look to enhance as a way of providing value to our members. One of the initiatives underway this year is to embark into Marketing and Outreach Portfolio that includes reaching out to Corporate, Univers   ities and Societies to improve knowledge sharing among different domains. We are also planning to have several other initiatives such as: "Project of the Year", "Volunteer of the year", Survey. The results of these will be shared with you all in the coming year as and when they are launched. In this note, we invite your contributions by sharing your insights, implementation experiences, case studies, etc.   As this newsletter is for you, we welcome your invaluable feedback, suggestions, inputs on subjects you would like covered. Do write to us at newsletter@itsmf.com.sg, we'd love to hear from you. 


Ashok Madarasu,

Council Member, Membership and Communications Portfolio


itSMF Singapore 2013 Council

Meet the Council members who were elected at the 7th Annual General Meeting held on April 04 2013 at:   http://www.itsmf.org.sg/aboutus/executivecouncil201314.jsp

Message from the President

Hello Esteemed Members of the Society!

This is Rama Prasad Mamidi, President, itSMF Singapore Chapter. First, thank you for choosing me again as a President. And also, thank you for choosing a great team. We have a very good team taking care of various portfolios to bring wide range of services to you. Once again, here are the team that selected.

Vice President

Mr. Vinay Jain

Honorary Secretary

Ms. Anne Tan

Honorary Treasurer

Mr. Fong Choon Koon

Executive Council Member  (Annual Conference )

Ms. Nathalie Tousignant-Stehle

Executive Council Member (Events)

Mr. Henrik Savia


Executive Council Member (Membership & Communications)

Mr. Ashok Kumar Madarasu

Executive Council Member (Publications)

Mr. Suresh GP

Executive Council Member (Web Services)

Mr. Girish Hariharan

Executive Council Member (Marketing & Outreach)

Mr. Venkat Narayanan

Executive Council Member (Internal Auditor)

Mr. Suresh Yenugu

Advisory Committee

Mr. Peter Edwards

Before we discuss this year's plans, let us go back to our Annual Conference 2013 which was concluded on 4th April 2013.

itSMF Singapore Annual Conference 2013 is a new milestone which brought lot of laurels to the organization. Theme for the conference was "Value of ITSM"  in an end-user perspective. We had many speakers shared their views, ideas, processes that they had implemented. Sponsors on the other hand are other key pillars for the success. 

I have shared in my welcome address the thought process behind selecting the theme. We felt it is the time to take a check on understanding the value of Service Management that brings to the business.

All the attendees enjoyed this conference. And many attendees are looking forward for such conference again this term.

Strategy meeting

Like every year, we had strategy meeting immediately after the AGM with the new council members. I would say this is really a good start. I am very encouraged to see the amount of energy that the new team has.

I am very confident that the services we are planning to bring this year would benefit you in many ways. Wide range of talks on various aspects of ITSM during our members? nights will definitely bring you more value and you will be able to understand industry practices. There are more to come, watch this page for more updates. Below are some of the updates from our council members.

Message from Council Member- Events

I, Nathalie Tousignant-Stehle, together with Henrik Savia and Suresh Yenugu, would like to bring wide range of topics that are of interest for today's market. Though following topics are some thoughts from us, I would highly encourage you to write to us the topics that you would like to hear from industry experts. I can guarantee you that I will do my best to bring best speakers in the market on the topic that you choose around Service Management. Planning to have members' nights on every 3rd Thursday of alternate month on following topics:

·         Major Incidents - should it relate to your Business Continuity Plan

·         Root Cause - the ins & outs of Problem Management

·         Metrics & KPI - what's worth measuring to drive improvement and efficiencies

·         SLA  & OLA  - how to untangle the support chain to deliver desired customer outcomes

·         Event Management -  how do we cut  down the noise in our Service Management tools

·         Configuration Management Systems & master data management - Do's and Don'ts

·         Is it a Standard Change or is it a Request-  What is the criteria to tell the difference

·         ITIL Processes & Business Process Management

·         Outsourcing /  In-sourcing :  how to keep your processes intact

·         Knowledge Management - What belongs in your Service Management tool

·         Doing the right thing and doing things right!  - How to manage Quality in IT Operations

·         Service Design Package - Release & Deployment, Incident free!

·         Identity & Access Management -  some best  practices


We have planned a knowledge sharing session on 30th May on Demystify CMMi for Services. Please do register (be the first 20 and avail it for FREE). See you there.


Message from Council Member - Marketing & Outreach

I, Venkat Narayanan, would like to start with THANK YOU for choosing me to serve you. I will work hard and bring justice to the portfolio.

The key objectives for this year include creating value for Corporate Members, continuing with existing partnerships with other societies such as ISACA, SPMI, working with tertiary educational institutions as well as identifying vendor partnerships to deliver value to members.

For Corporate Members, we will bring Service Management to your premises and offer lunch and learn sessions, ITSM clinics etc. We will also provide a platform for ITSM practitioners working for our Corporate Members to come and share their experiences.

We will continue to strengthen existing partnerships with ISACA, SPMI and involve them in our offerings to both Corporate and Individual Members. We will also continue to identify new partnerships to bring additional value to our members.

We will continue to work with tertiary educational institutions and provide support to develop courses/curriculum on IT Service Management. We will endeavour to create awareness of Service Management by organizing an annual competition for students pursuing IT degrees or diplomas.

Lastly, we will identify and work with vendors who can offer free short courses for our members and participate in other programs in return for providing a platform for them to further their business interests.

I look forward to work with all of you in ensuring another eventful year for itSMF Singapore.


Message from Council Member - Intellectual Capital & Publications

I am, Suresh GP, interested to support the chapter on IC and Publications as last year.

Overall I would consider Intellectual Capital & Publications has 3 Main Objectives

·         Improve VOI for Members

·         Improve ROI and Branding for itSMF Singapore Chapter

·         Provide Business Value to Emerging SMB/Organizations that can harness the power of IT Service Management


Publication and Intellectual Capital would also provide support and assistance with Other Portfolios to provide the best of Services to Members and all associated with itSMF Singapore Chapter

Tie up with International Chapters

·         Leverage Best Practices on Publication & Intellectual Capital from fellow  Chapters (itSMF Australia, Thailand and itSMF International)

·         Conduct Talks/Special Awareness session on IT Service Management/IT Governance to Leading Institutions and Members



·         Develop a strategy for advertising publications for sale, with the view to increasing our revenue in this area.

·         Provide White Papers/Latest Trends/Analyst Report to Members on Monthly  basis

·         Provide platform to post Case Study/ITSM Implementation References to Members [KM Rewards,

·         Provide access to good Collaterals/Resources for all Members [ Revamp of Website is crucial here]

·         Start Blog and Post Articles/Latest trends on ITSM


SME/Discussion Forum

·         Establish Regular Brain Storming Discussion on Web (Linked In) to discuss and Moderate on Latest Trends and Challenges

·         Assistance in Execution Projects - Members can post a query and Experts in the field would answer their practical challenges

-      Probably need help from Website to enable Discussion thread/Moderator

·         KM Contribution Award

-      Invite Members to Post Knowledge Articles/References and Case Studies and award the Most number of Contributions on Quarterly Basis

-      Regular Communication to go from itSMF Singapore Chapter Login/Group in LinkedIn

·         IT Governance Ltd Agreement and further promotion

-      Improvise working relationship with IT Governance on Publications and Intellectual Capital. Participate  in their Conference

·         Social Media : -  Twitter, Linked in, Facebook to post articles, give links and references to collaterals


Message from Council Member - Web services

I am Girish Hariharan, joined the vibrant team this year to offer my services to the chapter. Being new to the council and to the chapter, I would like to request you to share your ideas and views around our website and about any other services. However, I have following areas of interest this year.

·         Overarch all the other council portfolios and swiftly integrate them into Web Services Portfolio.

·         Redesign itSMF SG Chapter Website and look for possibilities of bringing IC & Publications, Mass Mailers and Mail Servers under 1 umbrella (with focus on Operational stability).

·         Mobilizing itSMF SG Chapter Services with introduction of Smartphone / Tablet apps & Aggregators (for News, Social Media, Video & Advt.)


Message from Council Member - Membership & Communication

I am Ashok Kumar Madarasu. This year, I took another challenge to take care of membership and communications portfolio. This is very challenging and interesting portfolio.

I am redrafting membership benefits now. I will surprise you with new ideas and new ways to renew your membership at a discounted rate. I will also bring some value additions to membership via Bring-along-a-Guest? for our Members' nights, Member-get-member programs etc.

I will communicate with you well in advance about membership dues and improve the other communications.

I am also tasked to improve and streamline communication to you.

My end objective is to ensure a wide range of benefits to you and value-for-money.


Thank you all for your time.

Please contact customercare@itsmf.org.sg for more details.


Upcoming Event

Demystify CMMi for Services Seminar


30 May 2013


06:30 PM to 09:00 PM


School of Economics and Social Sciences, Singapore Management University, 90 Stamford Road, Seminar Room 4.4, Level 4 Singapore178903


For enquiries, please contact the secretariat @ DID: +65 6327 5688.


For details about the event and speaker, please visit www.itsmf.org.sg




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