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itSMF International Whitepaper Submission of the Year - 2012
Posted: 3 May 2012

itSMF International Whitepaper Submission of the Year - 2012

itSMF International is pleased to announce the International Whitepaper Submission of the Year completion for 2012.


itSMF Chapters are invited to submit up to 3 papers for consideration from local members for consideration for the International award.


Submissions must be from "members in good standing" from a local chapter and must be assessed by a local judging panel before being submitted for the International contest.


Each submission should include:

      A Title

      The author's name and organization

      A short synopsis of the paper, outlining its content and purpose

      An introductory section which details the scope of the paper and the issues that will be addressed within it.

      A summary section which gives an overview of the content and the key learning points the reader should understand having read the document.

The following should also be considered:

      We expect a high standard of grammar and spelling for submitted papers

      Submissions are permitted to display company logos in the header or footer of the document, and also on the front page.

      Vendors should not submit documents, which recommend their products, consultancy or training offerings, or are critical of other vendors' services.

      By submitting the paper, the author gives itSMF International the right to distribute and reuse the paper for a period of three years from the closing date for entries. IP ownership will remain with the author.

Papers must be submitted in Word format. And should be accompanied by a brief biography of the writer.


Papers must be received by the Chief Editor (publishing@itsmfi.org) no later than August 31, 2012.  The winner will be announced on October 29, 2012 .


Details are available here:

Submission Details itSMF Global Submissions Competition

Additional Guidance.doc

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