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ITIL 2011 Edition publication date
Posted: 24 Jun 2011

TSO (The Stationery Office) have announced 29 July 2011 as the publication date for the following ITIL 2011 editions:

- ITIL Service Lifecycle Suite <http://www.best-management-practice.com/officialsite.asp?Action=Book&ProductId=9780113313235&trackid=004032>

- ITIL Service Strategy <http://www.best-management-practice.com/officialsite.asp?Action=Book&ProductId=9780113313044&trackid=004027>

- ITIL Service Design <http://www.best-management-practice.com/officialsite.asp?Action=Book&ProductId=9780113313051&trackid=004028>

- ITIL Service Transition <http://www.best-management-practice.com/officialsite.asp?Action=Book&ProductId=9780113313068&trackid=004029>

- ITIL Service Operation <http://www.best-management-practice.com/officialsite.asp?Action=Book&ProductId=9780113313075&trackid=004030>

- ITIL Continual Service Improvement. <http://www.best-management-practice.com/officialsite.asp?Action=Book&ProductId=9780113313082&trackid=004031>

The project to update the ITIL 2007 editions and produce the ITIL 2011 editions was a direct result of feedback from users across the globe into the ITIL continual improvement programme. The update project was designed to make the publications easier to read and understand, relate more clearly to one another and to correct any anomalies. The update project was about clarity, consistency, correctness and completeness.

For information on the project background, updates made to the publications and when the updated examinations will be available, please view the Frequently Asked Questions.

Thank you.

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