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itSMF magazine "At Your Service" Sept 2010
Posted: 17 Oct 2010

The first edition of our new international itSMF magazine "At Your Service" is now available for download.  We hope you enjoy the wide variety of articles that appear in this publication and we welcome contributions from our global membership for future editions of the magazine. 

The 1st issue includes articles on:

  • Linking Service Management with Environmental  Sustainability
  • Measurement is the key to Transforming Operational Performance
  • Six Criteria for an effective CMDB Architecture
  • Resistance is futile...or is it?
  • Cloudy with a Change of Configuration Management
  • Your Path to Professional Recognition in Service Management
  • A simple low cost but innovative approach to end-to-end Reporting

<Click here> to download

If you have editorial content for us to consider, please email kirstie.magowan@itsmfi.org.

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