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itSMF Global Survey - the state of Service Management - Prize Draw
Posted: 25 May 2010

The Global Survey is ready! This is based on the original pilot run in Singapore, but is designed to be quick and easy to fill in whilst getting the greatest amount of useful information for the itSMF. The URL for the survey is:
Password: itsmf
Note: You only need to tick the boxes that apply to you, a minimum of one box per question. This should make it much easier to complete.
The survey closes on the 19th of June 2010.
There will be a prize draw for an iPad a week after the survey closes which should provide just that little bit of an extra incentive to spend the ten minutes necessary to fill it in.
Please let your members know about this and encourage them to help with gathering this information world-wide.
We will be sending the results to all chapters for their own use as well as publishing a document for sale to interested parties.
This will become an annual survey so that we can have a picture of trends in Service Management adoption around the world.
Peter Brooks
Director Marketing and Business development

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