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ITIL Qualifications Scheme Survey
Posted: 26 Jun 2009

Dear itSMF Chapter Colleagues,
A new News Story about a ITIL Qualification Scheme Survey, has been approved by Colin Rudd and posted on the itSMFI website (http://www.itsmfi.org/content/itil%C2%AE-qualifications-scheme-survey). Could you please re-post this story on your local chapter website so we get a high number of completed surveys to get a representative survey response globally.
The full story is:
Title: ITIL Qualifications Scheme Survey
When the full ITILŪ Version 3 qualification scheme was complete there was always the expectation that the status of the Version 2 scheme would be reviewed.  As part of the process of seeking the views of all major stakeholders, the ITILŪ Qualifications Board, led by OGC, commissioned itSMF International to create a questionnaire to gauge the level of relative interest in the two schemes.  The timetable for the eventual phased retirement of the Version 2 scheme will be determined by many factors such as availability of translated exams.  In releasing this survey we acknowledge that customer demand is also a major contributor to the decisions.

By answering the questions in this survey you will have the opportunity to shape the future of the industry.  We have tried to balance meaningful questions without making the survey too cumbersome to complete.  The survey will be available for completion up to the end of Friday 24th July (UK time) so please this opportunity to help us.    

You can complete the Survey at:      

Any questions on how to complete the survey or any other matter arising from this should be directed in the first instance to Chris Roberts (chris.roberts@itsmf.co.uk) at itSMF UK.  Chris will endeavour to ensure your questions are answered as quickly as possible by the appropriate people.

Chris Roberts
Regional Liaison & Web Services Manager

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